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10:00 AM, Speaker Meeting, Springboro Franklin Club3 (O-S)

10:00 AM, Jacksonburg Traditional Beginner's Meeting (O-S)
12:00 Noon, MW Sunday Serenity Group Central Club1 (C-D)
12:00 Noon, Way Of Life Group Traditions Clubhouse2 (O-D)
2:00 PM  Discussion Meeting,  Springboro Franklin Club3 (O-D)
5:30 PM, Women's Weekend Windown, Springboro Franklin Club3 (COD-W)
	1st Sunday Speaker, remaining weeks are discussion
5:30 PM, A Woman's Way (Women's), Traditions Clubhouse2 (C-D)
7:00 PM,  Back to Basics, Traditions Clubhouse2 (O-D) Starting 2/25/2018
Not Meeting 7:00 PM, Last Sun Only Token Mtg, Central Club1 (O-D) 
Not Meeting 7:30 PM, As Bill Sees It, Springboro Franklin Club3 (C-D)
7:30 PM, Burg Group St John's Lutheran Church, 470 S Gephart Church RD
	Miamisburg, OH Wheelchair Access (O-D) 
Temp Closed  1 = Central Club, 200 Curtis ST, Middletown
2 = Traditions Clubhouse, 1307 Woodlawn Ave., 423-4300
3 = Franklin Springboro Club, 778 West Central Ave., Springboro, OH 45066